On behalf of the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance (CASDA) Board of Directors, we invite you to join CASDA by completing this online membership application. As a member of CASDA you will become aligned with a coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals committed to a national shared leadership movement. It is imperative that we work together to create a greater voice for the autism community.


CASDA is a group of organizations and individuals that share the common belief that Canada’s Federal Government needs a National Autism Strategy. The Board of Directors is dedicated to representing and working on behalf of CASDA’s members to ensure issues of mutual importance are being brought to the attention of our Federal Government.

The VISION of CASDA is that all Canadians living with Autism have full and equal access to the resources they require to achieve their full potential.

The GOALS of CASDA are to:

  • Advocate for a National Autism Strategy with a collective and consistent message;
  • Partner with the Federal Government to provide a strong, collaborative voice of input into the development of a National Autism Strategy;
  • Ensure the successful implementation of a National Autism Strategy that addresses identified needs;
  • Endorse the right of all individuals living with Autism and their families, to exercise their equal rights as Canadians.





Members of CASDA receive the following benefits:

  • The ability to advocate with a strong, collaborative, unified voice through participation in a national shared leadership movement;
  • A public profile on all marketing and exhibit materials supporting the work CASDA;
  • Your name proudly displayed on CASDA’s bilingual website;
  • Regular updates through the CASDA e-newsletter.


Membership to CASDA is open to autism organizations and individuals that abide by the spirit of the vision and goals of CASDA and agree in principle and practice to the Statement of Agreement (above).




CASDA has three categories of membership. The term of all membership types shall be annual, subject to renewal in accordance with the policies of the Corporation.

Organization Members
Organization Members are voting members of CASDA. Only Community Autism Organizations or National Autism Organizations are eligible for this membership and must be incorporated as a charity and/or not for profit organization, pursuant to applicable Federal and/or Provincial laws. Each Organization Member is entitled to receive notice of, attend, and vote at all member meetings and shall be entitled to one (1) vote at such meetings.

Community Autism Organization Member: has representation, members or service scope in a community, province, territory or region of Canada.

National Autism Organization Member: has representation, members or service scope in all provinces and territories across Canada and has a recognized mandate to influence policy at the federal level of government.

Individual Members
Individual Members are non-voting members of CASDA. In accordance with the Not-for-Profit Act all members are entitled to vote special resolutions.

Individual Member: A resident of Canada who has attained the age of eighteen (18) years.

Autism Research Group and Consortium Membership
All the rights and opportunities of Individual Members are open to Autism Research Group and Consortium Members.

Autism Research Group and Consortium Memberships: Organizations that work primarily in the field of Autism but do not qualify as Organization Members (likely because they are not advocacy organizations or are for profit).



Organization Membership:
Community Autism Organizations or National Autism Organizations
Operating budget less than $1 million $100
Operating budget between $ 1-5 million $150
Operating budget over $5 million $200
Autism Research Group and Consortium Membership
Autism Research Group and Consortium $100
Individual Membership:
Individual $50