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On October 6, 2021, CASDA hosted the 7th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit. Over 200 participants, presenters, panelists and moderators came together from across the country to learn about and weigh in on autism policy in Canada.

Over the course of this conference, dynamic and through-provoking conversations took place. There were countless stories of meeting new people, engaging with different perspectives and learning new ideas. This illustrates the strength of our community.

This past month, we have worked to put together a report that summarizes the impact of the 7th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit. To download the full PDF of our CALS2021 Impact Report, click here. 



CALS2021 Keynote: Visioning a National Autism Strategy

Building a Pan-Canadian Autism Data Collaborative:
Numbers Speak Louder than Words

On October 5th, 2021, CASDA hosted the inaugural Autism Data Collaborative meeting bringing together over 75 stakeholders from across the country to discuss how to better leverage Canadian data assets to inform autism policy in Canada.

Since the inaugural event, we have been synthesizing what we heard so that we can co-create the next actionable steps toward building this collaborative. This stakeholder report summarizes the ideas expressed by our diverse group of attendees, and provide you with opportunities for leadership, engagement and involvement in this initiative.

Click here to view our stakeholder report: Actioning an Autism Data Collaborative.


The 7th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit (CALS2021) would not be possible without the generous support of the following organizations.

Autism Speaks Canada & Sinneave Family Foundation