We are better together.

This statement, so simple a premise, embodies the crux of the Canadian Autism Partnership model.

The Canadian Autism Partnership Project, led by a Working Group of experts representing the diverse sectors of the nation’s Autism community, as well as seven dynamic Autistic self-advocates from across Canada, consulted with 5,000 Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

When asked for input in the development of a business plan for a Canadian Autism Partnership model, the response was overwhelming – with one constant sentiment emerging: Our community needs coordinated leadership  and collaborative partnerships if we are to sustain our hope.

On this site you’ll find details on the proposed Canadian Autism Partnership Model as well as information about our consultations.

Woven through all of these materials you’ll find the hope we speak of. Hope that has been sustained by a belief that we can, and must, do better, together.

Learn more about the Canadian Autism Partnership Project, and access related reports (in PDF Format).

Watch powerful video testimonials from The Canadian Autism Partnership Project’s Self-Advocate Advisory Committee.