CASDA is recruiting for the Autistic Voices Project

Are you an Autistic adult whose job or job-search has been impacted by COVID-19? CASDA is looking for participants to share their employment experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This is the second iteration of the project and in this expansion, we would like to specifically showcase the vast diversity within the Autistic community. We welcome and encourage the stories for the below communities to provide a look into how identity can and has affected employment for Autistic Canadians during the pandemic.

  • Are you located in northern areas or remote areas?
  • Are you located in the territories? 
  • Do you have a different first language than English? 
  • Are you non-speaking/verbal or minimally speaking/verbal?
  • Do you identify as BIPOC(Black, Indigenous, or person of colour)? 
  • Have you recently immigrated or have refugee status?

Your participation in this project involves participating in one, 30 minutes-to-one-hour interview, online using Zoom software (video not required), to share your experiences regarding how the pandemic has impacted your employment experiences and opportunities. We will seek to conduct the interviews in your mother tongue and provide English and French subtitles in the final video. You are also able to provide written responses to our interview questions if you prefer not to participate in a live interview. Additionally, if you wish to share your experiences and thoughts in another way, we are happy to accommodate and support in any manner.

You will receive a $50.00 gift card as a token of appreciation for participating in this project. 

To share your stories and bring your experiences to the forefront, we will be creating a lived experience testimonial video(s) that contains yours, and other Autistic Canadians’ experiences, to provide to Canadian stakeholders. To see the output from the first installment of the Autistic Voices Project, please visit The Inclusive Workplace webpage or the CASDA webpage. This output so far has been well received by the federal government and has been used to inform the discussions around the employment equity act.

If you are a CASDA member organization, and you’d like to partner with us to share this information amongst your network, we will include your organization’s logo and branding on the lived-experience testimonial video(s). 

If you are interested in learning more, or are interested in participating, please contact

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