CASDA has partnered with Spero Careers Canada and the podcast Across the Desk to bring you a new series which will highlight the work of CASDA and those who work with us. Each podcast is approximately one hour long and is a conversation style interview. We will cover topics such as the National Autism Strategy, autism and employment, housing, and much more. Check our social media feed for new episodes each week. 

Episode list:

  1. A Look back on 2020 with CASDA’s Director of Operations and Strategy, Dr. Jonathan Lai.
  2. Employment: The Autism Employment Scan and the Autistic Voices Project with Stephanie Côté and Vanessa Tomas.
  3. Employment: Autism and Employment with Vanessa Tomas.
  4. Accessibility And Equity with Brittany Finlay
  5. Autism & the Housing Crisis 
  6. Canadian Journal of Autism Equity with Maddy Dever, Terri Robson and Megan Krasnodembski.
  7. An update on CASDA with Dr. Jonathan Lai & SpectrumWorks with Neil Forester .
  8. Canadian Journal of Autism Equity – Follow-Up After the Launch with Maddy Dever and Megan Krasnodemski.
  9. Deputy Grand Chief Walter Naveau
  10. Autism and Housing with Amy Lonsberry
  11. Information Systems with Dr. Stephen Gentles, Maddy Dever and Corey Walker
  12. The Start of CASDA and the Canadian Autism Leadership Summit with Debbie Irish and Kim Ward.
  13. CASDA – Mental health with Dr. Carly McMorris and Rebekah Kintzinger