• CASDA knows these are unprecedented times for the disability community and wishes to support how we can building back better as a more coordinated sector emerging out of the COVID-19 crisis. To do so, CASDA partnered with Quebec research group Laboratoire GRAND and other organizations to list COVID-19-related surveys that impact people with disabilities including autism to help select meaningful indicators, mitigate duplication, and ensure that collected information leads to action.

We are curating a list of surveys for autistic people and their families as well as resources for researchers from our members in the research community. This list is not comprehensive and it has not been systematically reviewed. For more information, email us at


National Disability Surveys

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International Disability Surveys

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If you would like to see more surveys about COVID-19 and disabilities outside of Canada, or would like to share your survey at an international level, visit IAACD’s Global COVID-19 Childhood Disability Data Coordination page.

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