Congratulations to CASDA!

THERE IS MUCH FOR CASDA MEMBERS TO BE PROUD OF AS 2010 COMES TO A CLOSE! We have: Met with members of Parliament and senators on the Parliament Hill in honour of the 2nd World Autism Awareness Day Met with senior bureaucrats from the Public Health Agency of canada, Health canada and the canadian institute of […]

Who is CASDA & Why You Should Join!

WHO IS CASDA CASDA is a growing coalition of individuals and organizations sharing common goals, objectives, and a dedication to working with the ASD community. CASDA’s goal is to ensure the development and implementation of a comprehensive national autism strategy that will serve and support individuals with ASD and their families across Canada. CASDA promotes […]

Welcome to CASDA | June 2010

Welcome to the rst newsletter of the canadian Autism spectrum Disorders Alliance (cAsDA). Welcome to the Alliance and thank you for your shared commitment to in uencing our federal policy makers via a uni ed voice. We are pleased to share with the membership what has transpired since we last approached you to join. on […]

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