The federal government is taking practical and actionable steps to develop a National Autism Strategy. The Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA) and Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN) are continuing to support the creation of a National Autism Strategy, by conducting an assessment to inform the development of a National Autism Strategy, through developing policy briefs. 

What is a Working Group? 

A working group is a group of experts that work together to achieve a goal, in this case, to produce a policy brief that will be used to help inform the National Autism Strategy. 

Groups to Apply for: 

  1. Economic Inclusion
  • We are looking for participants to discuss ways to remove barriers and promote fair and full access across the main sectors that affect the economic well-being of people with autism and their families, including:

1.  Employment and entrepreneurship, 2.  Education and training, 3. Housing, 4.     Transportation, 5.  Financial stability, 6. Taxation

  • We are interested in Autistic or neurodiverse individuals and their families, community members and professionals working within one of the above sectors and interested in being part of this initiative and opportunity, in addition to personnel representing the federal and provincial governmental agencies/departments in touch with the sectors mentioned above
  • Link to the Economic Inclusion Policy Group Informative Note 
  1. Social Inclusion: 
  • We are interested in discussing how best to promote meaningful community life for persons of all ages, whether they are on the autism spectrum or have other NDDs. We want to learn and understand how to promote SOCIAL INCLUSION within the COMMUNITY by Shifting Perspectives from Awareness-to-Acceptance. Specifically, we want to address barriers limiting the social inclusion of Autistic and neurodiverse people living in Canada in terms of accessing and using community facilities and infrastructure, including community transport, and recreational, commercial, work, and educational buildings. 
  • Link to the Social Inclusion Policy Group Informative Note 
  1. Evidence-informed Supports: 
  • We’re looking for interested individuals to voice their opinions and help shape future policy around evidence-informed supports and services for Autistic and other neurodiverse populations across the lifespan. We are specifically focused on mental health service provision, underserved populations, and access across ages and settings. 
  • Link to the Evidence-informed Supports Policy Group Informative Note

Why Participate in a Working Group?

As a participating stakeholder in KBHN-CASDA Policy Working Groups, you will be able to:

  • Take part in advising the development of a National Autism Strategy;
  • Contribute valuable insights and input to the policy briefs;
  • Collaborate with experts across the Autistic and autism community. 

How to Apply? 

As each Group is looking for specific stakeholders, please refer to the corresponding Informative Note before applying.

Review the proposed Terms of Reference  beforehand.

Click here to apply.

We strongly encourage people from historically marginalized and underrepresented groups within the neurodevelopmental disability, Autistic and autism communities to apply. 

Contact Us 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Adelina Nielsen, CASDA’s Executive Coordinator, at