Below is a database of all past and recent Autism Alliance of Canada publications. This includes reports, media releases, policy briefs and graphics.

We recognize there are strong arguments and passions on both sides of the debate between the use of person-first language (e.g., “person with autism”) and identity-first language (e.g., “Autistic person”) in relation to autism. However, there is a growing body of scientific and community literature documenting the dislike, amongst Autistic individuals, of person-first language and its potential for increasing stigma. Identity-first language reflects the belief that being Autistic is a core part of a person’s identity and has been embraced by the Blind and Deaf community for instance. 

Based on the literature and the strong preference of the Autistic members of Autism Alliance of Canada, we recommend either using identity-first language, or more neutral terms such as “person on the autism spectrum.” In order to respect the agency and diversity of voices within the community, Autism Alliance of Canada will use such terms interchangeably. Past publications and resources may not reflect current recommendations and practices on language.


A Snapshot of Our Past WorkOutlines 3 key CASDA projects advocating for the development of a NAS.Graphic 2019View
Annual Report 2019Outlines the work that CASDA has done in the fiscal year 2019.Report2019
Autism Language GuideA Guide on Preferred Language. Report 06/2020 View
Blueprint for a NAS SlideshowProvides an overview of CASDA and the Blueprint for a NAS. Slideshow04/2019View
Blueprint for a National Autism Spectrum Disorder Strategy: How the federal government can leadOutlines ways federal leadership can improve the lives of Autistic Canadians and their families.Policy Brief 03/2019View
Blueprint for a National Autism Strategy FAQ (1)Outlines answers to questions on CASDA and the Blueprint for a NAS. FAQ04/02/2019View
Blueprint for a National Autism Strategy FAQ (2)Provides answers to common questions as well as additional contextual information.FAQ09/10/2019View
Blueprint Media ReleaseCASDA calls on federal government to take leadership role on Autism.Media Release 04/01/2019View
CAPP Advisory Group Appendices of the Asset Map of Resources for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Research in Canada Report. Report2016 View
CAPP Briefing NoteInforms Canadian policymakers of the importance of Autism and the CAPP.Report2016EN | FR
CAPP Business PlanOutlines the Business Plan of the CAP Project. Report2016EN | FR
CAPP Executive Summary Provides an executive summary of the CAPP Business Plan. Report2016EN | FR
CAPP Innovations FindingsReports on Stakeholder-Identified innovations by Province/Territory.Report10/2016View
CAPP ProcessOutlines the CAP Project collective impact process. Graphic2016EN | FR
CAPP Stakeholder Engagement FindingsShows detailed findings and analysis of CAPP stakeholder engagementReport2016EN
CASDA AMG Chair's ReportBoard Chair's Report on CASDA Annual General Meeting on May 13th, 2020. Report2020View
CASDA Asset MapBreaks down the funding landscape in Canadian Autism research.Report 2016View
CASDA launches Roadmap Towards a National Autism Strategy Outlines CASDA's launching of the Roadmap to a NAS. Media Release 04/2020View
Governance HandbookOutlines CASDA's governance structures and policies. Handbook2007View
KBHN-CASDA Policy Working Groups Provides an overview of the KBHN-CASDA Policy Working Groups. Graphic 2020View
National Needs Assessment SurveyCompleted in 2014, this report is a result of almost 6,000 responses to the national survey on autism.Report2014View
PanCANS Survey InfographicHighlights the findings of the Pandemic Canadian Needs Assessment (PanCANS) survey.Graphic 2020View
Poster Summary: Blueprint for a NASSummarizes key points of information outlined in the Blueprint for a National Autism Strategy policy brief. Graphic 03/2019View
Roadmap GraphicProvides visual summary of the proposed timeline for a NAS in the Roadmap.Graphic 03/2020View
Roadmap to a National Autism Strategy Proposes a timeline for government to collaborate with the Autism community on a NAS.Policy Brief03/12/2020View
Strategic Plan 2020-2023Outlines CASDA's plan for the future based on the feedback from members.Report2020View
Timeline of Autism Initiatives and PartnershipsProvides a visual history of Autism initiatives and partnerships in Canada. Graphic 2020View
Webinar Series FAQAnswers common questions received during our 2020 Webinar series.FAQ06/2020View
Where is the Government on a NAS?Outlines the lack of progress by the federal government in developing a NASGraphic2020View
Written Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the Upcoming Federal Budget (2020)CASDA submitted our 2020 written submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance for their pre-budget consultations. Report08/2020 View