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Autism Alliance of Canada’s Policy Compendium Tool: Recommendations for a National Autism Strategy from Community and Stakeholder Engagement

What is the Policy Compendium Tool?

Autism Alliance of Canada’s Policy Compendium Tool is a collection of policy briefs with recommendations for a National Autism Strategy. In partnership with the Kids Brain Health Network, we developed these recommendations with stakeholders from across Canada in a series of working groups from April to September 2020.

Why was the Policy Compendium Tool created?

The online tool makes Autism Alliance of Canada’s policy work accessible and user-friendly. It assembles and presents recommendations for a National Autism Strategy to a wide range of users – from advocates and families to policy officers and government officials. These recommendations can serve as a resource for stakeholders to engage in conversation about a National Autism Strategy and support efforts to improve the quality of life of Autistic Canadians. The tool offers easy navigation of information organized into the four key themes: Social Inclusion, Economic Inclusion, Evidence-based Interventions, and Governance. Please click on the links to learn more about each theme.

How can the tool be used?

This Policy Compendium Tool can be helpful in your policy work and advocacy. Conversations around policy can often be difficult to access. Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge of current issues faced by Autistic people in Canada or want to compare recommendations by theme – the online tool offers lots of information to help you along the way. For each theme, we provide links to the policy brief and summarize key recommendations in ready-to-share social media posts. This information can serve as a starting point for further engagement with community and government partners. Click on each theme below to learn more! 

What are the next steps?

On May 10, 2022, the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) released the Assessment on Autism report: “Autism in Canada: Considerations for future public policy development.” Read our blog post about the report here.

For more updates, tune into our “In the News” blog section here. You can stay tuned by becoming a member of Autism Alliance of Canada. As a member, you will become aligned with a coalition of organizations, groups and individuals that has come together to provide a strong collective voice toward a national shared leadership movement. To join, visit: www.autismalliance.ca/about-membership.

Explore Compendium Themes

Click here for more information about the KBHN-Autism Alliance of Canada working groups.  

Click here for a PDF version of the Policy Compendium.