Autism Alliance of Canada functions as a national backbone organization that enables cross-sector coordination in policy and research. We support research in Canada that matters to Autistic people and their loved ones and are eager to build new partnerships and collaborations. Please continue reading for more information on partnering with us.

Shared Goals of Partnership

We strive to build new partnerships upon shared goals. This means, we are interested in partnerships that:

  • Are in priority areas identified by the community and policy makers
  • Have the involvement of persons with lived experience and support of self advocates
  • Advance pan-Canadian collaboration and breaking silos
  • Leverage existing research infrastructure and reducing duplication

At Autism Alliance of Canada, we welcome partnerships with a broad community including: Autistics, family members/caregivers, community organizations, service providers, government organizations, researchers and clinicians. 

We are committed to reducing the barriers to participation for groups who have been left out of research in the past such as those marginalized by gender, race, sexual orientation, persons with disabilities, and Indigneous Persons status. 

Please read through Our Goals page to determine if your research project is well aligned with Autism Alliance of Canada.

We Champion Patient/Public-Oriented Research

Autistic people often face barriers to participating in research, at Autism Alliance of Canada, it is our goal to increase their participation throughout all stages of research. This is why we are particularly interested in supporting research that includes people with lived experience. 

Autism Alliance of Canada conducts and supports research aligned with Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research methodology, and are happy to assist researchers across the country interested in furthering their inclusivity of people with lived experience. As a partner in your research, it is important for us that we be included throughout all stages of the research process.

What We Can Offer

Autism Alliance of Canada can contribute to research partnerships in many ways. For example:

  • As a co-applicant, knowledge user or collaborator on your project application to an external funding institution.
  • Our research team can consult on the goals, audience and design of your study’s patient-oriented research and/or integrated knowledge translation approach.
  • Our communications team can assist in the development and execution of a communications strategy for your research (including but not limited to the production of plain-language summaries, webinars, infographics, social media posts).
  • Disseminating the results of a research study by including it in our monthly e-newsletter reaching 450+ members from across the country and/or through the opportunity to present at our annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit.
  • Facilitating the involvement of those with lived experience in the research process via Autism Alliance of Canada Citizen Engagement Groups.
  • Supporting participant recruitment via our network of stakeholders (persons with lived experience, family members, community organizations, service providers and community members).
  • Supporting translation of research findings into policy recommendations
  • Providing input and guidance on the alignment of your project with the government’s current policy priorities.

To learn more about the types of work Autism Alliance of Canada has previously and is currently partnering on, please visit our Current Projects page.

Interested in Partnering?

Please contact with details regarding your request.