During the months of April and May, Autism Alliance of Canada hosted a series of Webinars related to a National Autism Strategy. 

“From Blueprint to Roadmap: A Proposal for Canada’s National Autism Strategy” (April 2)

“A Human Rights Lens and the National Autism Strategy”, presented in partnership with the Canadian Human Rights Commission (April 23)


“Senators at Home: Honing in on the National Autism Strategy” (May 22)


“Informing Canada’s Autism Strategy: Lessons From Across the Globe”, presented in partnership with KBHN (April 16)


“Conversations with MPs on the National Autism Strategy” (May 1)


“Looking Forward at Autism Alliance of Canada” (May 28)

During our “Conversations with MP’s” and “Senators at Home” webinars, we opened the discussion to participants and asked them to submit questions to be answered during the webinar. We received such a large amount of questions, that we were unable to answer them all during the live webinar. We have collected all of the questions that were unanswered during each webinar and compiled them into a document. Click below to view the document containing the answered questions from our webinar series.

Click here to view FAQ document. (June 9, 2020)