This page is a partial export of the Policy Briefs regarding SOCIAL INCLUSION within a National Autism Strategy

Social inclusion involves topics such as rights, safety, accessibility, belonging, sports and recreation, public awareness, and knowledge-sharing.

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6 policy briefs that you can share on social media regarding SOCIAL INCLUSION in the context of a national autism strategy:

1   Affordability and Access Brief #3: Improving Access in Society [4]

2   Employment Brief #2: Inclusive Workplaces [7] 3   Housing Brief #2:  Addressing Housing Supply Challenges [12]

4   Housing Brief #3: Early Win Opportunity For The National Autism Strategy [15] 5   Information Brief #2: Coordinated Provincial Autism Program Information Sharing [20]

6   Information Brief #3: Communication Standards And Media Campaign To Improve Public Attitudes Towards Autism, Promoting Equity And Inclusion [22]

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